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Traffic Portal Theory & Application

"Sounds bad, because, well, it is that bad if you are not implementing it for your web sites and the other guy is!"
by Thomas Prendergast

My Fellow Networkers,

The term Portal was coined with the advent of the first search system, Yahoo. Before Yahoo we used software called Gopher to find things on the Internet. Back then; there was little if any positioning, strategies or real marketing going on except for the usage of spam. As we all know, spam sucks, doesn't work and even if it did, is totally unethical. In fact the whole leads business of producing or buying leads and selling and reselling them in my professional opinion is just as despicable as slavery was not so long ago! The practice of selling people's private and personal information is the root cause of the three sins of marketing. Spam, telemarketing and unsolicited faxes.

So what does this have to do with Traffic Portals? Well, nothing and everything. Portals are sites like Yahoo that build repeat visits and loyal users to their service. In so doing they can sell exposure to their visitors to advertisers in the form of banners, ads in their mailings, etc. Another thing that Yahoo does that infuriates me, is they also sell their subscribers' info, etc. as leads to anyone and everyone that wants to purchase them. But that is not my point. It just infuriates me.

All major lead brokers use lead capture sites (Traffic Portals) that attract subscribers. Many smaller lead brokers buy from them in bulk. The whole feeding chain continues all the way to the resellers, buying and selling your personal information as if it was nothing more than a commodity. Makes you want to puke! And..they don't want you to do it, because they want you to buy their leads. The point is, to market effectively and ethically on the Internet you need Traffic Portals (lead capture sites), that attract subscribers, that not only subscribe to them, but promote them as well, and protect the subscriber from being bought and sold! This is exactly what Veretekk has built.

The Core Of Your Veretekk System Is The Traffic Portal!

Each Traffic Portal has been positioned and designed to primarily attract the entrepreneur from different facets of the market. These Traffic Portals are like magnets. Once you establish traffic to them, they compel the right visitors to go ahead and sign up for the free service they are offering. The signup process is easy, self verifies the information, then something wonderful happens. The subscriber to that Traffic Portal actually gets what the Traffic Portal promised. This establishes credibility and trust. Then another wonderful thing happens with Veretekk Traffic Portals. If you're a Veretekk distributor, and that Traffic Portal was yours, only YOU get notified of this new Premium lead and if you don't call them, no one else does. Often they will even call you.

This Is Important!

These types of leads do not reject you when you call them. 100% guaranteed no rejection. And because these people have signed up for your Traffic Portal service, they do not get bombed by being sold into leads slavery. Many times they will actually call you. In fact many will sign up into your primary business if you have configured your system to promote your primary business. This is not some wild claim either. It happens all the time, and I can back it up.

One Of My Veretekk Test System's Market Center Was Configured To Promote 'My Bette R Universe'

I have a free position in that deal. I am not marketing it. I just set up one of my systems to test it. My upline emailed me the other day to tell me that I was NOT going to make any money with all the people I was putting into my down line unless I upgraded to paying status. She was rather confused as to why I had started promoting it so aggressively before I had my position upgraded to paid status. Folks, I never promoted it. In fact that test site's hammer was only used once about 6 months ago. All of a sudden that system is getting traffic, premium leads and signups into the opportunity found in its Market Center.

Another One Of Our Test System's Market Center Promotes Website.Ws

I put my partner Jeff in that deal. They gave us a free account. I didn't even tell Jeff about it. I was just testing our system again. This was about 8 months ago. All of a sudden Jeff starts getting commission checks and I go and look at his genealogy and sure enough about a month ago it started growing. The only place it is growing from is that one Veretekk system. And folks we don't pound on them and promote them at all. They just seem to take on a life of their own after you hammer a few times. Some sooner than others, chaos theory at work! Want one more true story? I know you do..

This One Just Recently Happened To Me.

My Inetekk phone line rang late one night and since I was up I answered it. It was a lady in Hawaii. She had just signed up into my system and since she was very new to the Internet she was looking to me for help. Since it was my Traffic Portal from my Veretekk system, she had my name and phone number as her upline/sponsor/support/etc. So I explained how busy I am as the CEO of the company, and asked her if I could get one of my subscribers to help her. I directed her to someone's Veretekk Affiliate site in the process. But she was not happy about that. She wanted to work with me, and would not be pushed aside. What she was most interested in was the opportunity in that particular Veretekk Market Center. She was determined to sign up into the FXTrading opportunity posted in there. She called me back at least 5 times with interest in that opportunity and the Veretekk system. I am not even in FXTrading, I just stuck my friend's in there for effect. So I sent her to that friend, and have no idea if she has signed up into the FXTrading opportunity or if she signed up into the Veretekk affiliate program either. I am not paying any attention to either at the moment for obvious reasons. If you're out there please call me again. I want to keep in touch with you and your progress.

So in summary, Traffic Portals promote your opportunity for you. All you have to do is promote your Traffic Portals. OK? And if you don't mind...One more analogy to make the point very clear!

You Arrive At A Networker Party Amongst 500 Other Networker Marketers.

As you can imagine everyone is pitching everyone else about his or her opportunity. It can be very frustrating because in this scenario everyone will claim that they are doing well and making money. OK, got the movie running in your head now? So in walks Miss Nobodyknows and speaks up while holding a stack of fliers and asks if anyone would be interested in a free service that will help each and every one of those marketers post millions of ads on the Internet for FREE! Everyone in the room lines up for a flier. The following week Miss Nobodyknows becomes the best friend of everyone of those marketers that went to her site and subscribed. Within a few months half of these people are now in her downline.

Another Typical Testimonial Just In As I Write This.

"I have been on the internet for one year and two months. I started using Veretekk 4 months ago. With Veretekk, I have been able to nail top positions on Google with varius popular keywords words using this system. You know and I know that there are people that have absolutely paid 10's of thousands of dollars for these positions. Did I do that? Certainly not. I simply implemented the proven techniques---techniques that I learned from the experienced trainers at Veretekk. I have spent countless hours on the training sessions absorbing everything that these great people have to offer. I am so taken by the system, that I, now have become a trainer for Veretekk. The system has taken a phenomenal turn for me over the last few weeks. People are now CALLING ME---for more information about the different programs that I am promoting through Veretekk. What a twist. Hello marketers, do I have your attention? Is this what you have been looking for, or what? People calling YOU! I have been called by 7 people just in the last 2 days!

I call all of my Veretekk Premium leads, and I always find a person who accepts my call, knows who I am, and we become friends, many joining my business. But rejection? Never, not one. I will never buy leads again. Buying leads doesn't work. And the whole process of buying leads seems unethical anyway. So far I have developed over 300 of these Premium leads and they are now part of my growing sphere of influence.

And I have put over 175 people in my business because of Veretekk. Averaging around 40 per month and growing.

Wow---what a trip! Hey---Thanks Tom and Mike for all the wonderful training and possibilities that you guys have opened up for me!"

Sincerely, Butch Hamilton
January 2006

So, does this make sense to you now? I sure hope so. If you're still wondering why we want you to promote the Traffic Portals and not your opportunity then I give up. Do me a favor, resign, OK? Because if you have read this far and still don't get it, we don' t want your money. On the other hand, if you do get it, FANTASTIC! Because now you're going to achieve results like the pros do.

Come join us, it is free!
State of the art Marketing System

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