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Automated Marketing...

If Your not automated, those who are will leave you in the dust!
by Thomas Prendergast

Hello Fellow Marketers,

Think about your future. Do you need an easy to use automated marketing system 5 years ahead of anyone else Online or Offline? Of course you do, if it was the real thing! Automated marketing allows you to market to more targeted prospects, so that you can identify who you want to develop business relationships with.

The right prospects with the proper follow-up yields more income each month. If your systems are not automated, you will spend a lot of time with tasks that do not produce income. One of the biggest issues of this is SPAM. SPAM is sending an unsolicited commercial based email to someone who did not request your information.

Even with op-tin lists of people, safe lists, and those who do subscribe, you can still have major problems with some who cry SPAM.

You will never have a problem with someone crying SPAM with verified automated systems, because these systems keep a record of every single subscriber and the corresponding routing information, IP address and time stamp of their verification. Another thing the Automated Marketing System does is it gathers the necessary information about each subscriber, prospect, and/or lead. This is crucial so that you understand who you are communicating with and do not waste valuable time dealing with the wrong people.

Many have thought if you just drive lots of people (traffic) to your website, you will get a lot of business. Just as many are finding out this does not work.. Again, contact information for each person is absolutely necessary for optimum results. Automated systems gather this information for you. Because the right automation verifies, gives you the information needed for each person, and manages each prospect and your email campaign(s), you have the best chance for success than any other process on the market.

Success is not achieved by getting more hits to your websites, but email communications and email campaigns with your contacts. This means having the ability to email people your website in HTML (not text and not a link), so that the person (subscriber) can make an educated choice right away about your company and you.

This is what made McDonald's so successful. Instant delivery of the product! Automation operates on the same basis. Turnkey, easy, and all in one system. One of the many other things that good automation does is the ability to customize email campaigns, email follow-ups, automated letters that are emailed one after the other, and custom PDF files. This is just a brief summary as there is a lot more to automated systems and the right system is crucial to your success.

To find out more visit my website at:
Marketing System

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