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With a service this great, why not make some extra money!?!

Let's face it... The Leadsomatic submission system is a service that no online marketer can afford to be without. It offers more value than all other submission systems combined, but costs less than any of them at a measly $10/month! You will inevitably want to tell your business partners and others about Leadsomatic, and we'll pay you handsomely when you do!

Leadsomatic offers a very lucrative income opportunity by combining Direct Commissions with an exciting Profit Pool program. There are 2 ways to qualify to receive commissions:

1) Signup 5 paying members.
2) Be a paying member yourself!

The following is an outline of the compensation plan.

Direct Commissions - You'll receive $2/month for each paying member you signup. You are also give 1 "share" for each person.

Profit Pool - Each month we take the total number paying Leadsomatic members and multiple it times $3 to create the "Profit Pool". You are then paid a percentage of that revenue based on the number of shares you have that month.

In the example above, if you signed up 10 people you would be paid $20/month in Direct Commissions and receive 20 shares of the Profit Pool. If there were 250 total paying Leadsomatic members, the Profit Pool would be $750. Your shares would be worth 4% of that amount, or an additional $30. So, your total commissions for the month would be $50.

However, Leadsomatic also offers an Infinity Bonus!

Infinity Bonus - Qualify by having 25 personal signups. You will receive 1 additional share for the Profit Pool that month for each paying member in your organization... all the way to infinity! (or the next Infinity Bonus earner.)

In the example above, if you had 100 paying members in your entire organization you would receive an additional 100 shares for the Profit Pool. This would be added to the 25 shares you would receive for your direct signups for a total of 125 shares. Using the same numbers from above, if the total number of shares was 250, you would receive 50% of the $750 Profit Pool, or $375... plus you $50 Direct Commission for a total commission of $425 that month!

Now be honest... that just isn't a bad return for a $10/month investment!

Sign up for a free Veretekk Silver system and start generating leads and profits from Leadsomatic!
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