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All THIS! All FREE !

Each one of these great free services are available individually OR as one great package with many more features making this an awesome FREE lead generation system! To Sign Up for your free lead generating system click here OR look at each free tool individually to complement your marketing strategies!

"Traffic Portals"

Standard lead generation web sites. Their entire focus is to help you to develop high quality, Premium Leads by offering valuable products, services, or information for free or at a discount. Take a look below at ALL the FREE Traffic Portals that Veretekk includes in the marketing system .


1st Classfieds


1-Family Classifieds has been on the Internet longer than all the other classifieds and allows free remote submission. A virtual Premium Lead dynamo! The submission services love us!

FREE check it out!


Affiliate Site


Veretekk Affiliate Website: The home of your Veretekk system
The address matches your vanity email. Your affiliate site is a compelling entrance into the power and source of your Veretekk system. This site promotes your
free for life Veretekk Silver system. This is the center attraction of your system! 


Big Kahuna

 Big Kahuna: The Thomas Prendergast newsletter system.
Subscribers receive a periodic free newsletter from Tom Prendergast on a variety of topics ranging from marketing techniques to philosophical concepts.

Free hints and tips you won't find anywhere else!



Traffic Portal Control: NOW 2 BILLION plus FREE Ads with one click!
Give away the original 12 million ads Blast-O-Matic. It is the most powerful AD submission system in the world - and best of all, you get to give it away for
FREE! No other AD submission service can compare to the "high-tech" service your prospects will recieve from Blast-O-Matic. Most companies charge a fee and provide an inferior service! You get to provide top notch service with a great product for FREE!!! Your ads can claim "We dare you to take the challenge of finding a better deal than Blastomatic". 

Computer Giveaway

"Computer Giveaway" FREE monthly drawing.
Complete the form to enter your name into the next drawing. The winner is chosen at random on the 1st of next month from all of this month's
FREE contest entries! Only completed entries will be accepted.

Daily Messages

Daily Motivations Work!
Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done. -- Lois D. Brandeis

Inspiration and motivation delivered free to you daily! FREE



eTracking: Your Very Own Search Engine! FREE!The world's first self-replicating search engine is an extremely viral tool that allows you to generate massive leads directly, as well as indirectly by giving away additional free eTracking search engines.


FFA Farm


FFAfarm Portal: The only PERMANENT link ffa system.
FFafarm is a
FREE hybrid ffa system and FREE permanent link exchange system. FFAfarm is also the oldest ffa system on the Internet and offers far more benefit then any other ffa system does today!



FreeFFAs Portal: Free Leads For Life!
This site is as valuable and has better quality leads than other FFA lead systems like FFAnet, Links2u and others that sell for as much as $50 per month, but you give this away for
free. Talk about a Traffic Portal, what POWER! And the Flash for this one will blow you right out of your chair, but then all of Veretekk does that!




Free-Mart Portal: Free software... Free ebooks... Free newsletter... Free live seminars...!
A class act site ready for promoting the heart of what entreprenuerial webmasters and aspiring webmasters are looking for. Put this lead magnet into a search engine result and watch the mega results!


Free Page


Free-Page Portal: Give away the best SEO marketing tool on the net.
Free-Page gives away free webpages that can be optimized to build search engine popularity with Free-Page s ability to add links!
Money Machine


Money Machine Portal: Survey entrance to your Market Center!
The Money Machine is a stunning Flash presentation and survey then takes the visitor to your Market Center. This site promotes
free access into your center and also promotes your free and pay services. 


SOHO Services is a Free system to enhance The Small Office Home Office revolution. We have targeted every type of marketing advantage to help every entrepreneur's efforts to succeed in this brave new world called the Internet. We have developed some very effective tools and made them available free to the Internetizen Entrepreneur for absolutely free. We have also scoured the Internet and researched all the free services out there and have developed an exhaustive list of great free services and goods. We believe it may be the biggest one on the net.


Spam-Wars: Petition for Responsible Email Marketing.
This is a compelling free site (with a fun theme) for any/all online marketers. Promote this free site and you will get LOTS of  free leads! But first - go sign the free Petition against Spam yourself!

Vacation 4 Free


FREE vacation: exciting 3 day, 2 night accommodations at any of the selected locations. Just choose a destination, and complete a survey for our market research. FREE No catch and no obligation. 



Webcatch Portal: The world's first and only free self replicating web directory.
Webcatch is a Yahoo style directory that receives 1000s of submissions from around the world. Webcatch receives submissions through thousands of
free individual replicated subscriber's Webcatch sites.


Perfect for all of your email lists, verification processing and mass-email needs, VeremailT boasts the very latest in ease of use and features, while maintaining delivery and price standards that are unsurpassed. Our intuitive web-based list and mailing management solution is perfect for lists ranging in size from one thousand subscribers to ten million and beyond, and assures that list owners enjoy verifiable verification security, maximum control over delivery, name management and messaging.


"Profit Portals"

The same as Traffic Portals in that they are fully developed lead generation systems, but they go one step further by also offering their own affiliate program that you can sign-up into and create an additional revenue stream. It's totally up to you if you want to do so. Veretekk is all about empowering you with tools to promote your business, not ours or someone else's! That said, Profit Portals are legitimate lead generators for you. Signing up into the associated affiliate programs will simply help you catch additional revenue from leads who purchase something through that system. 


VereConference: Ultimate live online VoIP conference system.
Every online marketing professional needs a powerful, easy-to-use tool to communicate with their team and customers. You have the ability to give exactly that away to generate massive leads! Free Conference room for you and each of your referrals! Try it free!
Get your own FREE  vereconference room! 
Schedule a private presentation in my Personal VereConference room


FREE Profit Portal: Viral lead generation and lucrative affiliate program to boot!
This is the first in Veretekk's series of Profit Portals. ISP-4-
FREE allows you to give away discounted Internet access through a leading provider. 


"MLM Portals"

Very different type of Traffic Portal. They are not designed to help you promote anything other than the company they are built for. For this reason, you will not see any MLM Portals listed in this area unless you specifically seek them out online and activate them from that web site. They are not shown in the Veretekk Systems by default because Veretekk leaders  feel very strongly that this would be an abuse of power and conflict of interest. MLM Portals are designed to be targeted lead generators for specific business opportunities that harness the full power of Veretekk just like regular Traffic and Profit Portals. Because they are not "neutral" lead generators they do not belong as a standard part of the Veretekk system - which will always be dedicated to helping you promote your business.

If you are already a Veretekk user you can contact your upline for more information or speak to one of the many trainers privately. {Not in the Veretekk training rooms please}.

The MLM portals have their own Conference and Training Rooms specific to the MLM opportunity.
Email Me for More Info

Schedule a private presentation in my Personal VereConference room

Affiliate Profit Portal Is Here

The Cadillac of ad submission tools....


Powerful Payment Processor

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