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The PDF Portfolio uses Adobe Acrobats's PDF technology. A PDF means: "portable document format" and retains the format of the original document (ie: brochures, flyers, etc.) regardless of whose or what kind of computer it is viewed on. It has become an Internet standard. Our PDF proprietary Portfolio, takes well formatted and designed marketing tools (ie: Ad reprints, company brochures, etc.) and combines them with your database profile to make a professional, printable, portable document that has been customized with your information built right into it, within seconds. We give you a selection of professionally designed sales materials, business cards, flyers etc. In fact, it is one of the most important elements in the one on one meetings where first impressions can determine success or failure. Be prepared for any situation that presents itself.

Please note: If you have some important magazine articles, an impressive printed presentation or something you would like to see in here, send it in. Make sure it is the original and in good to excellent condition. Send it well protected and if you want it returned, a self addressed stamped envelope to:, 7115 Calabria Ct. #D. San Diego, CA 92122 attn: Art Dept. We will consider converting it and upload it.

Technical note: Our PDF technology is unique. However, it works just like any Acrobat PDF file and is completely compatible with AOL, Internet Explorer and Netscape. All you need to do, if you have not already, is install Adobe's Acrobat reader. Click Here for Adobe's Acrobat PDF reader if you need it.

The first active link PDF self replicating eBook, "Better Web Site"
Download it and distribute it as an attachment to your email, put it on your other (non-Inetekk) sites.

Another exclusive eBook from Thomas Prendergast. This book has active links in it that all point to your web sites, driving you more business. This will become available soon on your new newsletter site.

Better Web Sites Ebook
This is in PDF Acrobat format.

The first self-replicating personalized ebook: Masters of Marketing.
Download it and distribute it as an attachment to your email, put it on your other (non-Inetekk) sites. This is an exclusive $49.95 value ebook filled with the secrets of America's top Internet gurus. Written, researched and compiled by Thomas Prendergast.

Masters of Marketing Ebook
This is in PDF Acrobat format.

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