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ATTENTION: New systems, tools, and training keep pouring in! Masters of Marketing || Better Web Sites

Lead Notification for Today's World!
Automated Text Messaging of Premium Leads to Your Cell Phone

In the continuing spirit of innovation and in keeping with Veretekk's reputation for constantly pushing the cutting edge of available technology, we are happpy to announce the merging of Traffic Portal lead generation with cellular text messaging! Veretekk Gold subscribers now have the ability to configure any/all of their Traffic Portals to send an automated lead notification to their cell phone the instant a prospect verified their email address!

This powerful new feature will allow you to reach out and call your prospects the moment they signup into one of your portals. Research has shown that the faster you are able to call a Premium Lead, the better the response. Now you can blow them away by contacting them the second they sign up... without having to sit in front of your computer all day watching for lead notification emails!

To configure your VereText settings, simply log into your Veretekk back office and go to the Configuration area - click Text Messaging. All you have to do is enter your 10 digit cell phone number (sorry, USA only for now!) and select the cellular carrier to have service with. On the following page you can designate which of your Traffic Portals you want to receive text message lead notifications from. Choose them all, or just those you want to focus on... it's up to you - you have full control!

Powerful New Veretekk Training Tools!
Learn the system and watch your business and success expand...

Over the years of building the Veretekk interface, I have resisted building training systems and manuals. Now that I am satisfied with the current state of affairs, the time has come to build a world class training structure, with visual aids, interactive instruction and personalized PDF manuals.

This is time intensive and the work has begun. The first fully functional training system will be unveiled this Sunday and the first training for setting up Outlook Express will be this Monday at 12 noon Pacific Coast Time. This Sunday we will be showing you, for the first time, the original interface design, that has evolved to the Veretekk back office you see today. The only thing left to add to what we originally conceived is this training function I am now building. Want to see where we are headed with this? Be at the conference this Sunday.

We will be building these new training platforms for all the trainers. This means explicit, easy to follow instructions, for processes like, using the Veremail software download that makes exporting and importing leads easy and fast, how to use the Hammer, what to expect, and why, setting up your Market Center and why, learning HTML and how and where to use it, setting up your own domains and web sites using Veretekk resources to build world class sites, etc.! Setting up Outlook Express right, the first time, for you newbies, using email software, instead of depending on web based software. Setting up filters and rules in your Outlook Express, so you can manage the email that comes in easily and effectively. This knowledge will improve your marketing efforts 100%!

Starting September I will be back with all new training and tools. I am looking forward to it. I hope you will be too.

Thomas Prendergast
CEO, Inc.

Recap of New Pre-Launch Announcements
Official Worldwide Launch Set For September 1, 2006!

As described in yesterday's Bully Pulpit, momentum and anticipation surrounding the worldwide launch of Leadsomatic is growing to a feverish pitch! The following is an abbreviated re-cap of the recent announcements:

1) Veretekk Genealogies Will Remain Intact! - The goal of Leadsomatic is to 1) Create another lead generation source for your business, and 2) Create an additional revenue stream for you! Rather than creating a "free for all" rush that forces Veretekk subscribers to scramble in order to hold on to the potential value their existing Veretekk downline offers them, we have increased the integration between Veretekk and Leadsomatic. Every Veretekk subscriber automatically has a free membership account in Leadsomatic. i.e. You and your Veretekk downline can login to Leadsomatic using your Veretekk username and password. (You/they do not need to signup for a new account.) What does this mean for you??? Simple - if someone below you in Veretekk upgrades to a paying Leadsomatic membership, you will automatically get the commission! (assuming you are qualified to do so - see Leadsomatic for details.)

2) Window of Opportunity to Upgrade in Leadsomatic - Thus far the Leadsomatic system has operated very smoothly during the pre-launch period. However, the ability to upgrade to the paid membership has been blocked (and full membership is required to have access to The Hammer submission tool to blast your advertisement to over 2 Billion websites!) As the final step in our beta testing, we will open up the ability to upgrade for a short period of time. During this time the system will function fully to process the $10 signup/monthly fee, pay commissions, and provide you access to the full Leadsomatic service including The Hammer. However, for testing purposes we will only accept the first 50 people to upgrade! After that we will close down the upgrade option until the official worldwide launch on September 1, 2006.

Questions? Comments? Confused? Excited? That's great... come join the Veretekk community as Tom and Mike will address all of the new features listed above and more! To join the conference, just login to your Veretekk system and go to Veretraining, then just click on the Conference room link. The web conference begins at 6pm PST on Sunday.

You don't want to miss this one!

Mike Darling, President
Thomas Prendergast, CEO, Inc. (Veretekk)
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